Polka Dot Ranch…Day 7 – and the strange noise

Hugu was headed to the barn that fine day in spring when he heard the strangest thing…..

Publication1 Publication2

Publication1 Publication2

then nothing.

Then more….


Publication1  Publication2

Publication2 Publication1.

By this time Hugu was headed for the pond as that is where the noise sounded like it was coming from.

Then even more…

Publication1 Publication1

Publication1 Publication2

As Hugu rounded the corner by the gate he heard it again

Publication1  Publication2

Publication1  Publication1

wait a minute that was not right something was off about that noise,

Publication1 Publication2

Publication1  Publication1

as Hugu neared the dam by the pond it sounded once again and this time it was

Publication1 Publication1

Publication1  Publication1

and then cheering…wait cheering?

Then a smile started across Hugu face as he saw the beaver family.

Beaver Family

Mama and Papa Beaver and the triplets were standing near the dam,

tails loaded with mud

Then he heard it again only this time he saw it too.

Now the noise made sense,

The thump was Papa beaver teaching his little ones how to sling mud and his always landed with a Publication1

The kids on the other hand were not as strong and therefore some went Publication1

while others went


Hugu paused and bent over to ask “Are you learning how to repair the dam,”

the beavers dancing around Hugu said “Yes we are, so we can keep the fish in for you Hugu!”

Hugu said “Thank you, I love to fish down by you all here at Puppy Pond”

“Well I am off to pitch some hay for Skullerina see you later.”

“BYE BYE Hugu see you later, and say Hi to Skullerina from us!” shouted the triplets.

Beaver Family - Copy


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