Polka Dot Ranch Day 8…beautiful blooms

Hugu was on his way again to the barn when he heard a lovely sound

It was his lovely wife Violet singing to her flowers,IMG_1697

butterflies,IMG_1915IMG_1518 and hummingbirds,

They all loved Violet and enjoyed when she came to see them,

the flowers gave their best blooms to make her smile

IMG_1527 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_1935

Some flowers bloom just a day, and some for a whole week, but Violet knows each and every one of them are special and unique.  Hugu shakes his head still in disbelief as he watched his wife sing another flower to bloom but then Violet herself is quite special for who among us can make a flower bloom by just singing to it. Hugu knows his Violet is very special and one of a kind…but that is a story for another time.

Just as we humans are different and unique we are suppose to love all who enter into our lives, no matter how long we have them.  We are blessed to know so many cancer warriors and valiant angels.  So the next time you have a moment to brighten the day for a child battling cancer (or anything) DO IT!  MAKE THEM SMILE AND FEEL LOVED even if its just a blink of an eye.


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