Polka Dot Ranch – Thursday – 39 days after Christmas

So when we last left Hugu he was listening to Violet singing to the flowers,  that was late this fall before the snow flew

Today we find him after having enjoyed Christmas dinner and New Years famous ball drop with family and friends.

Ready to get back to everyday jobs on the ranch,

why just last week

he had to fix the leak

so he could fill the stock tank

where the animals came and drank

the night before Christmas was quiet in the barn

not a creature was stirring not even a mouse

well in this barn the mouse does stir quite often

what do you mean what mouse

have I not told you of the mouse

the great mouse that came to stay

and even get the cats to lay

down when he speaks

with his little squeak, squeak, squeak

he is quite smashing

and handsome and dashing

and loves to hoard things

all kinds of trinkets and strings

tucking them in his hidey hole

one time I even saw a miniature scroll.

Who is this mouse that I speak of

why its none other than Chester T Love

the third, he flew in on a dove.

There he was standing so tall

right next to Skullerina’s stall.

I knew right away that he was smart

as he was eating a little tart.

He saw me coming and never ran away

he just stood there plain as day

with his cute little vest

across his furry chest

and a fadora with a feather

covered his head in all weather.

As you can plainly see

he is as cute as a bee’s knee.

So now I must be on my way

we will chat another day.

Little gray mouse


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