The Crystal Guardians – Chapter 1

Hugu is walking to the barn with the cousins

who are the cousins – they are three kids from

town that ride their bikes out to help on the ranch

Cole, Natalie and Kellen have been helping the Buttercups

Since they were 7 now all turning 13 it seems like only

yesterday since they first appeared at the front gate.

Hugu knows from the great wizard lizard that these are the next crystal guardians so he and Violet have been careful as to not scare them before they know the grand secret.

So with bucket in hand to feed us, out here in the barn, yep I love it when the cousins come to see us I not only get extra feed but Natalie usually hides an apple


in her pocket for me

skullerina - Copy

and a wee strawberry


for Chester,

Little gray mouse

we are very loved by the cousins.

Today though, just as they come by my stall the wizard lizard Leo


appears flying in on Jolly Roger

parrot 1

(that is his magical parrot who’s favorite thing to say is “BLOW ME DOWN”)

Hugu knows this is the day that the cousins will learn of the magic crystals,

and how they are to be the next crystal guardians.

And I little Skullerina am here to see them presented with their crystals

I am so excited, “But what if they refuse?”  I asked the wizard,  “Has that ever happened?”

He states in his grand deep voice “That my dear Skullerina has never happened in over 5,000 years.”

“Good Morning Hugu and hello dear cousins” states the Wizard Lizard

“Good Morning Leo, so good to see you.” says Hugu

“Children may I introduce you to Leo the Wizard Lizard, he is here to present you with something very important.  Right Leo.”

“Yes my dear children, I am the as Hugu states, I am a wizard, and I am the few in this world that know of another world that you have yet to see.  But today we will start with the basics.

Today I am to bestow upon you these.”  Leo holds up 3 crystals one blue, one purple, and one red on fine silver chains.

crystal blue

crystal purple

crystal red

“You my dear cousins are the next Crystal Guardians, and as a Crystal Guardian you will have some really special work to do for us back on my home world of Barduck,  and also help your planet Earth too.  For each of your crystals holds a whole pure magic – that only you will be able to control.  Each magic is different – and when used together they can do great things.

But if the crystal should fall in to the wrong hands well then strange things might start happening.

So you have to be careful and wise and never let the crystal from your possession.”

The cousins just stare in disbelief – “what, who, why us?” they all said at once.

“HUGU do you see that LIZARD and that he just flew in on a parrot,” states Kellen “BLOW ME DOWN” Says Jolly Roger

“Never mind that I just heard Skullerina say,”  ““But what if they refuse?”  and,  “Has that ever happened?””  Natalie states. “When did I learn to speak cow???”

“But guys did you hear We are the next Crystal Guardians,” Cole shouted

They all turn to each other and their eyes grow big and they start talking all at once.  No one could hear anything they were saying or who was saying what.

“SILENCE!” bellows Leo “We will never make it back in time if you don’t listen!”

A hush fell over the barn even Chester and I stood very very still, then “BLOW ME DOWN” comes from the bird

“BLOW US ALL DOWN!” state the cousins at once, and promptly fall over backwards.

(tune in again to discover what happens next at the Polka Dot Ranch)