The Crystal Guardians – Chapter 4

There we all stood in an almost dark cavern

“This is kinda spooky and dark,” Skullerina said

“Yes, it maybe now but wait and see,” said Petunia.

With that in floated a very large very bright multi colored butterfly,

Its massive wings shimmered and rippled as it floated above our heads to the front area.

The kids knew this was no ordinary butterfly this had to be the queen.

Nothing in our little world could compare to the beauty that lay just in one wing.

“Oh WOW,” stated Natalie, as Kellen and Cole let out a drawn out whistle.

She floated gracefully to the front of this dark cavern and landed upon a golden flower chair which could only be the throne of the Queen.

It sparkled when she fluttered and rippled her wings.  Oh yes, this was for sure the queen.

I little Skullerina let out a gasp that came out like a beller and she winked at me…

Then in a most airy and light voice she stated “Let my light flow,”  And it did, everywhere we looked there were little lights shimmering to the tall ceiling above us, it looked like thousands of little stars flying up all at the same time. And there we all stood bathed in shimmering rainbows that bounced off of the crystals that were embedded in the ceiling overhead.

Then we all let out a gasp and beller, for the room was not a dark cavern as we thought but we stood in a massive white marble grand ballroom.

From the walls to the floors and ceiling everything was white, and not just any white but a brilliant white that reflected each and every rainbow and when my little eyes looked harder I saw a little firefly by each crystal, that is what she meant when she said let her light flow, it was truly more than my little brain could take in.

“WELCOME Home Leo, it has been a long time old friend, welcome to one of your new homes dearest crystal guardians, and welcome visitors Skullerina and Chester T. Love the III.”

Her wings fluttered and rippled when she talked it was so beautiful.  Leo spoke up “May I present her royal majesty, Brooke, the one and only RAINBOW RIPPLE BUTTERFLY FAIRY.”


The Crystal Guardians – chapter 2

So now the cousins are just laying there on the ground staring up at us.

Frozen like statues – but Leo to the rescue walks across the cousins on the tummies and

starts saying “Snow Special Snow I call upon you to wake up these guardians”

And there right before my eyes (my little cow eyes) it begins to snow inside the barn right on the cousins’ faces and only there.

Nothing like this has ever happened its very strange to see snow that lands only on faces and inside the barn?

Leo is quite the wizard.  Yet before long the cousins are starting to blink and then,

Cole was the first to ask “Am I dreaming or is this really happening?”

And with that the Leo scurried up on his chest looked him straight in the eye

“Oh this is very real!”  he stated and then fanned his beard.

“Now we must get going we are so very late” Leo states

“Late for what,” the cousins ask in unison.

“Late for your introduction to the Queen of Barduck of course” states Leo

“Well Hugu, take care of things here I will be back with them very shortly,”

With that Leo flicks his magic tail and a beautiful silk rug appears with a scene from a place

not of earth for in the sky hung two moons of pink and the hills all shimmer in tones of purple

with little silver flowers all over.”  “Its beautiful” states Natalie

Kellen says “That can’t be real, or is it?” as he leans down to touch it his whole hand disappears

and he pulls back his hand and states to Leo “What? How did that happen?”

Leo looks at him very closely and says, “I see I have some work with you,

come on we must not keep the Queen waiting.” And with that Leo walks right onto the rug and disappears,

the cousins look at each other and then slowly one by one step onto the rug and poof they disappear too.

I know of magic and potions and all sorts of strange and wonderful things but even this has me baffled

then out pops Leo’s head he looks at me and Chester and states “Are you coming or not?”

I look to Hugu and he says “GO have some fun.”  Chester climbs up and in between my ears

and I too (being a brave little cow) step onto the rug and poof we are gone…

tune in again to find out where Skullerina and the cousins go, until then have a GREAT and HAPPY DAY!!!


Polka Dot Ranch Day 8…beautiful blooms

Hugu was on his way again to the barn when he heard a lovely sound

It was his lovely wife Violet singing to her flowers,IMG_1697

butterflies,IMG_1915IMG_1518 and hummingbirds,

They all loved Violet and enjoyed when she came to see them,

the flowers gave their best blooms to make her smile

IMG_1527 ??????????????????????????????? IMG_1935

Some flowers bloom just a day, and some for a whole week, but Violet knows each and every one of them are special and unique.  Hugu shakes his head still in disbelief as he watched his wife sing another flower to bloom but then Violet herself is quite special for who among us can make a flower bloom by just singing to it. Hugu knows his Violet is very special and one of a kind…but that is a story for another time.

Just as we humans are different and unique we are suppose to love all who enter into our lives, no matter how long we have them.  We are blessed to know so many cancer warriors and valiant angels.  So the next time you have a moment to brighten the day for a child battling cancer (or anything) DO IT!  MAKE THEM SMILE AND FEEL LOVED even if its just a blink of an eye.

Polka Dot Ranch…day 4

So today is cold and blowing

Forecast says it should be snowing

I have seen this before

this past spring, nor

will I forget how cold and wet

it was when it first met

my little nose

I shivered all the way to my toes

or my hoofs as you say

I really think winter is on its way

its so cold and blustery today

so now I will think of May

and the pretty flowers that come


from farmers with a green thumb

so for now I will hunker down

in my pen and not give a frown

for spring will come again soon

here is hoping I won’t wait until June.

Polka Dot Ranch…Day 2

So today Skullerina is in her pen


And her human friend comes in

He feeds her grain

And speaks of rain

What is that she thinks

maybe something cool to drink

her human boy says here’s a treat

something little with four little feet

its fluffy and soft

they will probably hide in the hayloft

they hunt and prowl

and sometime growl

but mostly they purrrr

when you pet their fur

who is my human showing me

why its kittens and they are cute as can be

Marble the Magnificent and Garfield the Great

IMGP0105 - Copy

are here to catch mice they really can’t wait

no more holes in the feed sacks

now the cats have our backs

So now I have two new friends

my fun here will never end.