The Crystal Guardians – chapter 3

So now I find myself and Chester flying through millions of stars, planets and other spaceships? “That was a spaceship did you see that Chester?  How is it  that I can breath in space, where are we going, how long is it going to take us?” Skullerina states.  With that Leo (who was ahead of us) slows down long enough to let us know, “We are on our way to BarDuck my home planet.  There we will meet the Queen and learn of the cousin’s new mission.” Leo states

With that being said we all land with a thump. “Wow that hurt, how come we couldn’t land on marshmallow, they are soft and yummy at the same time! Yum marshmallow!” says Skullerina

“Get off!”  Skullerina looks around

“Who said that?”  asks Skullerina.

“I said get off!”

“I am sorry I did not see you” Skullerina said.

There under Skullerina’s tummy is a cute little elephant.

Leo states “Hello Petunia! nice to see you!”

“Guardians and friends let me introduce you to

Petunia the Petite Periwinkle Pachyderm,

Petunia the Petite Periwinkle Pachyderm

she is duchess to Queen.”

“Welcome home Leo, and so nice to meet you all, but we are late the Queen is waiting.”   Petunia waved her trunk and a mirror appeared and she walked through it, as did we all.  Now we find ourselves in the castle of the Queen.